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Price Protection
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Participating customers on all plans must be on automatic delivery. This is a limited time offer based on the gallons we have optioned and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call us if you have any questions, need to know your consumption from prior years or for easy enrollment in the program of your choosing.  
* Downside Participation or Protection: If the price of oil drops, you get the benefit of the lower price.
Select Plan 1 - Budget Cap
You will always pay the lesser of the market price or $3.069/gal with downside protection.*  The $0.22/gal cost of downside participation will be added to your budget payment. Thus, our average customer burning 800 gallons a year will receive full downside protection for roughly $15.00 a month. 
Select Plan 2 - Budget Fixed Price
$3.069/gal.  Lock in for next season.  Your price will not increase or decrease no matter what the market does.  We will not be able to offer a second chance at downside protection this year.  Please choose this plan thoughtfully.
Select Plan 3 - PreBuy
$2.999/gal. Pay now for the gallons you will use next season. You can also add downside participation to this plan by paying $0.22 per gallon price protection insurance (include this payment with your pre-buy check). Then you will pay the lesser of $2.999 or the market price for each of your deliveries.
Select Plan 4 - Market Price
This is calculated daily and reflects fluctuations in costs from our suppliers. You can choose to make payments on a budget plan, with equal monthly payments, or you can pay for each delivery as received.